10 July 2016

Application Guide

Special Effect Pigments and Micas formulation proportion chart.

Unless otherwise noted all our pigments are vegan and gluten free, they are without nanoparticles and have not been tested on animals.


Our special effect pigments offer excellent compatibility with other pigments and dyes. Colored pearlescent pigments do not only provide effect but also provide color for cosmetics. Pigment concentrations differ by product and are always measured in weight. You may used as little as 1% in a liquid soap or 60% in a pressed powder.

cosmetic application guide


Special effect pigments can turn basic plastics into special, unique products, They have been used in the plastic industry for many years now.
They can be used directly in powder form in various types of plastics.

plastics application


Special effect pigments are frequently used in automotive coatings, plastic coatings, dispersion paints, printing inks, floor coatings and artist paints.
our special effect pigments can be applied under as well as over process colours and thus create an unlimited variety of special effects.

The particle size of pigments have significant influence on the final effect. Particle sizes up to approx. 25 micron create pearly effects with high covering. Larger particle sizes give bright to glittering effects and are more transparent.

Special effect pigments generally disperse well. They are stable in water and solvent based systems.

coating application


Exceptional effects can be obtained through the many different pigments separations. The effect is dependent also, for example, on the particle size of the pigments used. The matter and smoother the surface of the stock, the better the pigments are able to develop their typical characteristics.
Graphic art application

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