Application Personal Care: Approved for lips, soap, creams, lotions, bath bombs colorant and cosmetic powders.

Not batch certified
They are not soluble but disperse.

The Lake pigments are oil dispersible, which means they need oil to help them mix into the water. The Lake pigments are brightly colored pigments that will give your bath bombs an intense appearance, they will also add color to your bathwater. The lake pigments will not require any blooming of colors.

We recommend using 2 to 4 grams (1 and 2 teaspoons) per 1 kg of your bath bomb mix. Adjust the amount to get the effect you are looking for.

When making bath bombs, bath salts, or any product for use in a bath or shower, we suggest using polysorbate 80 in the liquid phase at a typical rate of 1 to 2% to avoid that the color does not stick to the surface of the bathtub.

It is strongly recommended to always test your products! The lake pigments are dispersible in oil, but they are neither soluble in oil nor in water.

This pigment is authorized for cosmetics, nail polish, melt and pour soap. In cold process soaps they are not stable in high PH and may bleed, the foam obtained could be colored and stained. It is also perfect for textiles, such as wool. It can also be used in water-based products by first dissolving it in liquid glycerin.

It will produce a beautiful vibrant color in clear bases, but can also become cloudy or even opaque.



INCI: CI 15850:1


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D&C Lake is a synthetic dye pigment in high quality powder for medicines and cosmetics. It as a safe additive for medicines and cosmetics. In cosmetics, it can be used for beauty and body products in general for external use, including lipstick. Our Lake are recommended for use in nail polishes, soaps, and bath products like bath bombs. They are not soluble in oil and water but disperse. Our Lake have bright colors, almost fluorescent, extremely soft with fine particles. In soap if the design of the product has overlapping colors, excessive use of this colorant will cause migration of the colored layers between the layers.

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