Iron Oxide Black


Application: Cosmetics – Personal Care – Soap

Recommended for use in face make‐up and eye make‐up such as foundation cream, foundation make‐up, eye shadow and lipstick.

Approved for cosmetic use.

Iron Oxide Black has a matte finish.

INCI: Black Iron Oxide Pigment Black 11

CI 77499


Not recommended for bath bombs


IMG_5248 (2)

Cosmetic grade iron oxide.

They are classified into four color groups: black, brown, red and yellow.

Properties: Pigment of high purity. Insoluble, but oils and water miscible. Fine powders with slight unique smell. Non-toxic, non-irritating, stable non-bleeding color and moisture resistant. Approved for cosmetic use. All types of color cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, personal care products, soap-making. Approved for use on the face, eyes, lips and general.

Application: Can be tinted with titanium dioxide to create different shades of colors. Recommended for use in facial makeup and eye makeup such as foundation cream, foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.

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Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3 cm

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